Septic Tank Pumping & Installation

Septic Tank Service Pros

Can’t flush your toilet? Have multiple toilets not flushing? You might have a septic tank problem. At Ricky Heath Plumbing, we specialize in septic tank service including pumping and installation. When you call us for septic tank service, our team will respond as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.

Septic Tank Pumping & Installation

When we pump a septic tank, we first need to find where it’s buried. Sometimes, homeowners don’t know where the tank is located, especially if they didn’t own the home when it was installed. We work with your local health department, where septic tank records are filed, to find the precise location of the tank on your property. We then probe the ground to confirm the location before digging. If it’s still unable to be located, we feed a camera through your sewer line to find the septic tank. This camera is equipped with a GPS locator, allowing our team to track it as it travels 15 feet underground.

Once we locate your septic tank, we pump it and make sure there are no further issues. If we find your septic tank is leaking or needs replacing, we can install a new one. We work with the local health department to obtain the proper permits, perform soil testing, and install the new tank safely and efficiently.

How Often Should I Have My Septic Tank Pumped?

We recommend having your septic tank pumped every 3-5 years, depending on how many people live in your house. If your septic tank isn’t serviced regularly, the chances of backups and other problems increase. Because digging in your yard with heavy equipment is inconvenient, we offer riser lid and extension installation, allowing us to pump your septic tank without harming your lawn.

Septic Tank Care

For the best septic tank care, don’t flush items that shouldn’t be flushed, such as:

  • Hygiene Products
  • Wet Wipes
  • Paper Towels

Remember, it’s a toilet, not a trash can! Remembering this will help keep the lines clear and prevent your septic tank from clogging and filling up too quickly. We also recommend you don’t pour grease down your sink. This can clog your lines and damage your plumbing. If you have a garbage disposal, clean it frequently.