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Ricky Heath Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is a highly respected contractor in Perry, GA, and we understand just how frustrating indoor comfort problems can be for homeowners. That's why we make it our mission to alleviate those headaches by providing personalized, insightful, and top-quality plumbing and HVAC service in every job we do. We're not interested in talking ourselves up but instead want to show you what we can do and make your life better with our exceptional skills.

If you've been struggling with any HVAC or plumbing issues, contact us at 478-738-0882 and we've got you covered!

Our HVAC Services

We are proud to be your go-to partner for all things indoor comfort. As a local company, we understand the importance of reliable HVAC service in the Perry, GA, climate. Our heating and AC services are designed with your needs in mind so you can enjoy unmatched comfort.

Efficient HVAC Repairs

Our team of highly trained technicians is equipped to handle any furnace or AC repair issue swiftly and effectively. From malfunctioning thermostats to unusual noises, count on us to diagnose and resolve problems with precision.

HVAC Installation & Replacement

Thinking of an upgrade or a new installation? Our experts guide you through the process, helping you choose the perfect furnace replacement or AC replacement for your home. Our meticulous installations guarantee optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Plans

Extend the lifespan of your HVAC system with our proactive maintenance plans. Our thorough inspections and tune-ups not only enhance efficiency but also prevent potential breakdowns, saving you time and money in the long run.

Air Conditioner Services

Efficient cooling in Georgia is a must. We are proud to be your go-to air conditioner contractor to keep your home cool no matter what. From our fast air conditioner repair services to preventative AC maintenance, we know what it takes to keep your unit running smoothly.

Your Trusted Local Plumbing Company

We specialize in various plumbing services that include drain clearing, leak detection, sewer lines, septic tanks, water heaters, and everything in between. Our plumbers undergo extensive and ongoing training, have access to the latest tools and techniques, and are dedicated to living up to our slogan - "When you want it done right..."

  • Plumbing Repair: From leaky fixtures to running toilets, our we offer fast plumbing repair services to get things running again.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair: A broken or clogged garbage disposal can bring your day to a halt. Ricky Heath plumbers will fix your unit in no time.
  • Water Heater Service: You deserve reliable hot water and our plumbers deliver. From a water heater flush to a leak repair, we have you covered.
  • Water Leak Detection Services: Hidden leaks can add up quickly! Our team is here to provide quick and accurate detection and water leak repair.
  • Backflow Testing: Regular testing for backflow devices is a must for safety and code compliance We know the ins and outs to protect your water supply.

We understand the importance of exceeding expectations, especially when it comes to residential plumbing. That's why we don't just talk a big game, we show up and get the job done right the first time.

See What Your Friends & Neighbors Are Saying!

At Ricky Heath, our focus is solely on providing the best possible customer service and satisfaction. We take pride in the fact that the people of Perry, GA, have taken the time to leave reviews about their experience working with us - it's a true testament to the dedication we have to our craft. So, take some time to read our reviews and see for yourself why we're the company to call for all of your plumbing needs.

When you need us, give us a call at 478-738-0882 or message us online today!

Recent Jobs and Reviews in Perry, GA

Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews

Job Locations and Reviews Checked in
quote to replace
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
I arrived on site and greeted customer, I used my electronic leak detection to find the leak in the bottom of the coil, the system has age and is no longer under warranty, Jesse will come out and also quote a system, daiken has a coil in stock also.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
I arrived on site and greeted customer. I went to the thermostat and set it to cool mode and I went to the unit in the attic to find the system was frozen up solid. I did a leak search and was unable to find the leak. It is a 2011 system and the indoor coil looks to be corroded however I cannot find a leak at this time. We will have to come back first thing in the morning and complete the leak search. Customer approved the extended leak search for tomorrow morning.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
I arrived on site and greeted customer. I went to the drain line outside and vacuumed it out and lots of blockage came out. I then went into the attic and poured hot water down the drain line to finish clearing it. The customer was not interested in a system evaluation or membership at this time, just wanted the leak to stop. I also vacuumed out the return and the pan. Everything is clear of water and draining properly.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Arrived at 9:30pm as it was the predetermined time that was stated by m4. Was unable to start working until store closed and staff had cleaned which was around 10:50. Redrain dishwasher with new 1in pvc drain line. Had to shut water off to dishwasher due to pex 1/2 water connection below being to long to adjust dish drain. Adjusted water line and drain in accordance to what the work order state needed in order for it to be done properly. Connected pex1/2 water line back together with 1/2in coupling. Tested all working well. All work performed was well within the scope of work and no additional was completed
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Unclog kitchen sink (membership)
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Found that 35/5 capacitor was completely dead. Upon approval replaced capacitor. Checked amp draws for compressor and fan, refrigerant pressures (135/340 with lsat of 105), and contactor, as well as inspected fan blades. All in good operating condition and unit is cooling as it should
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Found that outdoor unit wasn’t working Found bad 45/5 mfd cap Replaced cap.and check Jed system operation found pressure wetre perfect 150/380 Checked indoor unit found that is has two float switches on drain. System is a 2022 All OPPs normal 45/5
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
I received a call from a customer about a faulty water heater. Upon investigation, I found the water heater was not working properly. I flushed the water heater to remove sediment and debris. Following the flushing, the water heater returned to its full functionality. The customer was very pleased with my work.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Upon arrival addressed any issues or concerns. None at this time. Set to cool and went to air handler. Checked fan motor, drain line and amp draws. All in good working condition at this time. Drain line is clear and I added drain tabs. Noticed that they do have a pan safety but no secondary. Went to outdoor unit and tested amp draws, refrigerant, contactor, capacitor, and fan motor. All in good operating condition at this time. Cleaned coils. Gave estimate to add a secondary and customer declined at this time.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
For this job, I was called out for a plumbing inspection for Mr. Hunter. After inspecting all plumbing there were a few things I noticed when doing my inspection. I noticed there was no clean out for main sewer coming out of crawl space on right side of home. There is a leak on the kitchen drain line in crawl space, and lastly there is a minor issue with hallway shower valve as it was piped in wrong. The hot side shut off valve on vanity also didn’t turn all the way off. I made Mr. Hunter aware of all these issues and he informed me that he will discuss all options with his wife and get back to us on any of the repairs.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Standard efficiency heat pump Standard efficiency air handler Standard air filter system Digital thermostat No service agreement 10 Year Parts Warranty 2 Year Labor Warranty
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
I arrived on skate and greeted customer. I then went to the thermostat and set it to cool. I went outside to the package unit and found no call for cool. I replaced the thermostat with one the customer had and the system came on and cooled properly. I did my system evaluation and found the system is old and could also use replacement soon.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
For this job, I was called out for a toilet not filling up fast enough. I inspected fill valve, valve and supply line. I was able to locate the reason behind the slow filling. There were rust rocks in the supply line. I was able to knock them free and open up supply. No issues are currently ongoing.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Quoted replacing 2 ton split hp. Sold option 4
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Found outside unit not running.found bad run capacitor.put new capacitor on just to check and see if unit would run.cooled motor and compressor down with water hose. Comp tried to start but was locked down. Fan motor wouldn’t try to start Needs run capacitor,cond fan not,and compressor. Customer wants new system Robert is going to give quote on new system
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
I did a quote for a customer interested in an HVAC unit replacement. I gave multiple options at various price ranges and the customer thanked me for being transparent.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
need to call vendor for pricing on blower motor
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Found capacitor was dead on compressor side. Replaced bad capacitor upon approval and tested unit. Unit functioning as it should at this time
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Found compressor not staring. Checked and found bad run capacitor. Replaced capacitor . Checked refrigerant charge I it was ok Did not check indoor per customer. All OPPs normal at this time
Perry, GA 31069
Travis did a fast excellent job. It took him only 15 minutes to find the problem and fix it. I'll be using this company again. Thanks Travis!!
Tommy - Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Found that fuse was blown in air handler rewired thermostat to prevent fuse from blowing Checked operation of system all OPPs normal
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Noticed that comp wasn’t running.checked run capacitor it was reading really low needs to be replaced To:replace dual run capacitor . Replaced cap,everything started as it should refridgerant levels ok comp pulling8.9 amps All OPPs normal at this time
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
I arrived on site and greeted customer, I cleared the drain line and found lots of debris came out of the drain. There was a clog in the drain line. Drain is now clear.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
For this job, I was called out to conduct a leak search after our HVAC guys came out last night and ruled any issues out regarding the air systems. However after going in the attic to search for any plumbing and stumbled across a pool of water sitting under a trunk line coming from an air handler. I uploaded my findings into the job and informed Robert Dunn And Bernie of what I found and they will be sending another HVAC tech to come assess that issue. The main issue of concern is located in the living room on the first floor. The ceiling has a drywall seem peeling back and it is located around 2 returns and has 2 vents all within 5-10’ of the said issue. No plumbing is in the area of issue. All bathrooms are located on the opposite sides of the house. Also the problem only occurs when the A/C is on and running.
Perry, GA 31069 Checked in
Apon arrival customer stated is ceiling was leaking and wanted the units in attic checked out. I inspected the whole unit and duct work and could not find anything. We need to send a plumber out and do a leak search in house.
Perry, GA 31069
Called for an inspection and was shocked by the cost. Was not told upfront on how much it would cost and felt like I was taken advantage of.
Wayne - Perry, GA 31069
Response from Ricky Heath Plumbing Heating & Cooling :

I’m sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with us. It’s always our intention to provide great customer service and useful, transparent advice. Please accept our sincerest apologies that we didn’t live up to your expectations on this occasion.

Excellent service
Kevin - Perry, GA 31069
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