Gas Line Repair & Installation

Gas Line Repair and Installation Experts

Ricky Heath Plumbing services, repairs, and installs gas piping. Whether you need gas plumbing installed and buried for your outdoor kitchen or you need repairs for a gas leak, our team can solve all your gas plumbing problems.

When our team installs new gas plumbing, we ensure it’s safe before sending any material through the pipes. Our plumbers conduct an air pressure test to make sure there are no leaks or problems in the line.

Sometimes, you may not know you have a gas leak until you get an unusually high gas bill. Other times, you might smell the leak. If you suspect a problem, give Ricky Heath Plumbing a call. Our team can repair your gas lines and sections of pipe that are causing the problem.

Never try and fix gas pipes or connections yourself – you can get seriously hurt or even killed. It’s best to call the professionals and let us repair your pipes safely.

What To Do If You Smell Gas

  1. If you smell gas, leave the location. If the smell is in your house, keep the doors open as you walk outside to allow fresh air into your home.
  2. Call 911 and report the problem.
  3. Once inspected by emergency crews, if the leak is determined not to be an immediate hazard, repairs can be scheduled for a later date.
  4. Call Ricky Heath Plumbing to repair your gas line issues.