New Water & Sewer Line Services

Cost-Efficient Sewer & Water Line Replacement

Ricky Heath Plumbing can repair and replace broken sewer and water lines in your home or business. It’s often a drain problem, such as a stopped-up toilet, that alerts you to the sewer line issue. Our team can identify the problem and find the most timely and cost-efficient solution for you.

New Water & Sewer Line Services

If you need water service for new construction, the team at Ricky Heath Plumbing can help. We will install new water lines from your meter into the building and check the pressure to ensure it’s working properly. We also connect a sewer line from your building to a septic tank or your utility’s sewer service.

Tips For Maintaining Your Sewer Lines

Keeping your sewer line clear from blockages can help prevent larger problems down the road that require re-piping or total line replacement. Making some changes in the kitchen and bathroom can help keep your sewer lines and plumbing functioning properly.

  • Never pour grease or oil down your drains. Over time, grease and oils build up in your sewer pipes and create blockages, weakening your plumbing system.
  • Instead of putting food waste in the sink, use your trash can. especially when you don’t have a garbage disposal.
  • Only human waste and toilet paper are safe to flush. Never flush hygiene products, paper towels, or wet wipes down the toilet.
  • Regularly clean your drain stoppers in the tub and shower to reduce the buildup of soap scum and hair which can clog up your lines.