These 10 Items Are a Total Drain on Your Pipes & Drains

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Handle Them Properly to Avoid Messy Clogs

You wouldn’t believe some of the items we’ve pulled out of our customers’ pipes and drains. Or maybe you would. Wedding rings. Quarters. Cellphones. Dentures.

Those are some of the more unusual items we’ve fished out. But here are 10 other items that can clog your plumbing, in order from less common to most common.

10. Tree Roots

Tree roots are relentless. They can find ways to invade your underground drain pipes through even the tiniest crack. Once they’re inside, they will grow and expand and could totally disrupt your water flow. This problem can be very expensive to fix because it might require rooter service, excavation, trenchless repair or jet cleaning. You can avoid this problem by planting trees and shrubs far enough away from underground pipes.

9. Random Objects

This problem can be exponentially worse with young children in the house. Building blocks, toy soldiers, balls and other foreign objects can find their way down your drain, where they can cause clogs. Drain covers are a great way to prevent this problem.

 8. Toilet Paper

We know. We know. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. In excessive amounts, toilet paper can be responsible for clogging your drain. The solution? Use less—or flush twice to keep everything moving along properly.

7. Dirt & Debris

It’s OK to have a little bit of dirt or mud on your body when you shower, bathe or wash up. But large amounts can cause clogs, especially since cakes of mud can also contain hidden stones or weeds. Before using the shower, tub or sink to clean away dirt or mud, try to get rid of as much as possible. Remind your children to do the same! And don’t forget about this when cleaning off family pets.

6. Feminine Products

Tampons and other feminine hygiene products are actually made to expand when they are exposed to moisture. Sending these items down the drain are an obvious no-no.

5. Paper Towels & Napkins

These products are major clog culprits, too.

4. Tissues

Tissues belong in the garbage can, not the toilet.

3. Food Oil, Grease & Fat

Cooking oil, grease and fat might appear to be liquid when you pour them down the drain. However, they tend to harden and cling to your pipes once they’re in your plumbing. Pour used oil, grease and fat in an old soup can, which you can store in the fridge until it’s filled. Then, simply toss it in the garbage can.

2. Soap Scum

Soap residue can build up in your drain over weeks and months, causing clogs. The residue from bar soaps causes the biggest problem. If you switch to liquid soap, you can essentially eliminate this problem.

1. Hair

This is the leading cause of clogged drains. Long, curly and even short hair can collect in your drain and gum up the works. You can solve this problem by protecting your drains with drain covers, which are inexpensive, easy to install and can be thrown out when they become covered with hair.

Are you dealing with a sluggish bath, shower or sink drain or an overflowing toilet? The experienced plumbers at Ricky Heath will show up promptly and solve your problem professionally. To schedule your appointment or to learn more, call us at 478.298.6553 or reach out through our website.

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