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They say water is the stuff of life, so a problem with your home’s plumbing can quickly grind your life to a halt. Whether it’s a leaky pipe, a malfunctioning toilet or a misbehaving water heater, getting it resolved can be a major hassle. That’s why we’re here. The team at Ricky Heath Plumbing understands how important it is to have quality plumbing in your home, which is why we’ve worked to provide customers with exceptional service and, more importantly, peace of mind to the people of Juliette GA since we were founded in 1988. When you call us, we want you to know that you’re in good hands, and you can let your worries go and get your life going again. There isn’t a job that’s too big or too small; whatever we can do to help make your home safer, more efficient and more comfortable, we’re ready. Say goodbye to stressing and worrying over your home’s plumbing – and say hello to Ricky Heath.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much we tell you about the work that we do – it’s much more important to show you. Until we have a chance to visit your home and demonstrate it ourselves, we rely on the words of your friends and neighbors in Juliette GA who’ve already engaged our services. We’re proud to share reviews from those folks, so you can get an idea of how committed we are to taking care of each and every customer we have. Take a few moments to read through what they have to say, then keep in mind that any time you need us, we’re here – ready to treat you like family and leave your home even better than we found it. If you have questions or need our help, call us at 478-738-0882 today!

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Ricky Heath Plumbing Heating & Cooling Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 3 customer reviews

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Excellent Service

Review of Ricky Heath Plumbing Heating & Cooling

Informed us it was an inspection and asked us if we have any problems (no), after inspection showed us pictures and said no problems found, Caleb and Thomas could have been great Boy Scouts, kind, thrift, reverent, and courteous.

JulietteGA31046 32.9475-83.78

Map of Juliette, GA 31046

excellent job

Review of Ricky Heath Plumbing Heating & Cooling

If every tech you have is like him, I'm a customer for life. Very professional, skilled and honest. Went over everything he was about to do and explained it so a dummy like me would understand. Will defiantly be recommending him and Ricky Heath.

JulietteGA31046 32.9575-83.75

Map of Juliette, GA 31046

Excellent service

Review of Ricky Heath Plumbing Heating & Cooling

JulietteGA31046 32.995-83.7575

Installed 500’ 1” pvc water service

Near Christian Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

Performed system evaluation- checked filter, checked thermostat, checked refrigerant, checked amp draw for compressor, checked amps for blower motor, checked capacitor- 70/5 cap reading 28/3, informed customer. Inspected ductwork- customer informed me they have had ductwork repair done in past. Looks like they disconnected old flex lines and left under house and installed new flex and boots. 2-3 spots in house customer wants to see about sealing since they are not in use and cleaning up old flex. Presented customer estimates, customer approved the bundled repair option. Installed turbo 200 capacitor and tested system. Cleaned all old flex lines under house, sealed 3 supply boots, covered with mastic and Uploaded pictures.

Near Pea Ridge Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

We came out and did a very thorough evaluation and created options for customer.

Near Pea Ridge Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

Did a thorough plumbing evaluation. Everything looks great.

Near Old Popes Ferry Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

Noritz heater

Near GA-87, Juliette, GA 31046

Toilet not flushing properly

Near Pate Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

Unstop main sewer line from toilet.

Near Sapphire Cir, Juliette, GA 31046

Unstop kitchen sink Unstop bathroom sink Repair shower pan drain in master bathroom Replace pop up assembly and p-trap

Near Sue Pl, Juliette, GA 31046

Performed a full evaluation one the home. I didn’t find any issues except the roman tub valve leaks a very small amount when cut on. The water heater is also very old and will need replaced soon.

Near Christy Ln, Juliette, GA 31046

Lit water heater and cycled on and off several times. I am not sure why the heater cut off however heater is not in great shape and corroding i do recommend replacing soon. I do believe heater will go back out soon.

Near GA-87, Juliette, GA 31046

Preformed maintenance

Near Pea Ridge Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

Reset flapper in the toilet and secured chain

Near Haley Ln, Juliette, GA 31046

To replace prv and twin shutt offs and a flapper

Near Juliette, GA 31046

For this job we snaked main drain through clean out on left hand side of the porch. After running snake about 20’ we hit something hard but line dropped and started flowing. I advised the customer to camera the line but they declined to have it done. We also let grinder pump pit fill up to make sure pump was working.

Near Rivermist Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

Replacing two female threaded stops. Replacing the prv at the meter, pressure was 125. DO NOT REBEUILD SHUT OFFS, repace the shut offs.

Near Juliette, GA 31046


Near Pea Ridge Rd, Juliette, GA 31046

Snake kitchen sink (membership)

Near Old Popes Ferry Rd, Juliette, GA 31046
Dylan M.

Dylan M.

Inspect toilet, everything ok except seat loose. Tightened seat for customer and removed vanity. Damaged vanity during removal, Tyler to order a new one. Also threads on faucet were damaged, and the mixing tee for spout was over tightened, damaged and full of pipe dope. Up to Tyler as to weather we attempt to reuse faucet or replace it.

Near Pate Rd, Juliette, GA 31210
Jake B.

Jake B.

Repair tub waste and over flow

Near Blackberry Trail, Juliette, GA 31046
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