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They say water is the stuff of life, so a problem with your home’s plumbing can quickly grind your life to a halt. Whether it’s a leaky pipe, a malfunctioning toilet or a misbehaving water heater, getting it resolved can be a major hassle. That’s why we’re here. The team at Ricky Heath Plumbing understands how important it is to have quality plumbing in your home, which is why we’ve worked to provide customers with exceptional service and, more importantly, peace of mind to the people of Cochran GA since we were founded in 1988. When you call us, we want you to know that you’re in good hands, and you can let your worries go and get your life going again. There isn’t a job that’s too big or too small; whatever we can do to help make your home safer, more efficient and more comfortable, we’re ready. Say goodbye to stressing and worrying over your home’s plumbing – and say hello to Ricky Heath.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much we tell you about the work that we do – it’s much more important to show you. Until we have a chance to visit your home and demonstrate it ourselves, we rely on the words of your friends and neighbors in Cochran GA who’ve already engaged our services. We’re proud to share reviews from those folks, so you can get an idea of how committed we are to taking care of each and every customer we have. Take a few moments to read through what they have to say, then keep in mind that any time you need us, we’re here – ready to treat you like family and leave your home even better than we found it. If you have questions or need our help, call us at 478-738-0882 today!

Recent Jobs and Reviews in Cochran, GA

Job Locations and Reviews Checked in
quote to replace
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
inspected sewer al we could do was run 104 feet at 6 feet deep the pipe is shot and falling apart and bottom of pipe is flaking away in spots going to get with tyler find out best option and it may be re line. Sewer cleared it self over night
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Attempted to cable floor drain to unstop the lines. Was unsuccessful with the current machine I have on my truck. I talked to bob and suggested we use a chain knocker. I will need to come back in the morning to try it with a different machine. (This is info for following day) I came back with the chain knocker and was able to make it down the drain by the dish washer and there is too much grease each time I run the cable with hot water the cables are going right through the grease in the lines. Jimmy is going to talk to the manager for further options.
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Used jetter on line to grease trap we went through the cleanout at the back of the building 5 times and also ran the jetter through the grease trap at the front of the building 5 times as well. We are hitting something in the line either side we jet from we believe there’s a separation in the line. Water was coming back up under the produce area from drains in the store. We need to schedule to come after hours to jet and possibly cable each trap and cleanout to clean the line. Then we can inspect the line. Food depot closes at 10:00 pm.
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Tony, the manager said the line for the grease trap was backed up with grease and meat. We will need the jetter to unstop the line do to the length and size of pipe.
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Attempted to camera line, was unsuccessful due to turns and grease and size of pipe. Attempted to cable sewer, also worked up estimate for water heater that is leaking very badly and rusted and cpvc pipe incorrectly installed. We also notice water leaking out two sections of the slab.
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Cut out 3 -1 foot sections of 3/4 cpvc , cut out a 1 foot section of 1 inch cpvc and cut out a section of cpvc fittings and repiped with new cpvc fittings and cpvc pipe in ceiling. Unstopped 3 compartment sink in kitchen .
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
To jet and pump
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Looked on roof found only the refrigerant system dumping water out drain also checked the hydrant on top and its working as it should pulled some ceiling tiles where they stated water was flooding and seen nothing.
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Attempted to cable not successful need pump trap and attempt to jet
Cochran, GA 31014 Checked in
Cochran, GA 31014
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